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Abiding Presents: 


Treasures from Trash

Abiding Presents | Upcycled Gifts: 

Unique one-of-a kind objects designed and created by me, Holly Whitstock Seeger. I am inspired by auspicious messages found in fortune cookies, encouraged by great quotes and fueled by a propensity for recycling. My treasures can also be personalized for that special person or memorable occasion.

Holly Art :

Fine Art Portfolio

This website is also an ongoing portfolio of Holly Seeger's Fine Art:

Original Art, Prints, and Greeting Cards created from her paintings. Her work is on view here, continually updated and available for purchase in the Gift Shop.

Purple Fleurs, Fine Art Painting by Holly Whtstock Seeger

Stories About Art and Upcycling

Abiding Blog :


About the Artist : 

Holly Whitstock Seeger

Abiding Presents began with a passion for making beautiful things from stuff otherwise headed to a landfill. The stream of thought running through her mind goes like this, "Hey, I could take that (fill in the blank - piece of junk) and make this (amazingly beautiful objet d'art).

These one-of-a-kind gifts are made from old books, empty cigar boxes, plastic jugs, fabric remnants, remnants, newspapers, broken jewelry old labels - the list is ever expanding.  

Holly Whitstock Seeger, Abiding Presents | Upcycled Gifts
About the Artist
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